Gamification Comes to Onboarding: Onboard360

Onboard360 is pleased to announce the addition of gamification features to our international school onboarding app. We believe gamification can improve the onboarding experience for new personnel and schools by making it more engaging and interactive.

The first step of gamification will go live this week, rewarding interaction with points that will be used to populate a scoreboard. Instructors get points for doing interactive tasks like task engagement, providing feedback, and connecting with others. As a result, teachers should feel more connected, and schools should experience increased engagement with onboarding materials.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the use of game mechanics in non-game contexts. It involves incorporating game elements, such as points, badges, and leaderboards, into activities to make them fun and engaging. In the onboarding context, gamification can encourage new hires to complete tasks and learn new information by providing incentives and rewards.

How Can Gamification Improve Onboarding?

  1. Engage New Hires: Gamification can make the onboarding experience more engaging by turning it into a game. This can make the process more fun and less overwhelming for new hires who may feel nervous or unsure about their new role.
  2. Increase Retention: By incorporating game elements, such as points and badges, into the onboarding process, new hires are more likely to remember the information they have learned. This can increase retention and ensure new hires are better prepared for their role.
  3. Encourage Completion: Gamification can provide incentives and rewards for completing tasks and activities, encouraging new hires to complete them in a timely manner. This can help ensure the onboarding process is completed efficiently and effectively.
  4. Provide Feedback: Gamification can provide real-time feedback to new hires, allowing them to track their progress and see their accomplishments. This can increase motivation and engagement, as well as provide a sense of achievement.
  5. Foster Community: Gamification can create a sense of community among new hires, encouraging them to interact and work together to achieve common goals. This can help build a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, which can benefit the school in the long run.

How to Earn Points

Gamification Comes to Onboarding: Onboard360 gamification

Are you looking to make the most of your onboarding experience? Our app now offers a gamification feature that lets you earn points for completing tasks, providing feedback, and more. In this post, we’ll show you how to earn points and make the most of this exciting new feature.

Complete Tasks = 1000 points

Gamification Comes to Onboarding: Onboard360 gamification
Make sure your progress tracker in 100%

The easiest way to earn points is by completing tasks in the app. Each task completed earns you 1000 points, so make sure to check off as many as you can. Tasks may include watching training videos, reading documents, or completing quizzes.

Upload Pictures = 5000 points

Gamification Comes to Onboarding: Onboard360 gamification
You can update your profile picture through the profile button on the bottom left.

Another way to earn points is by uploading pictures related to your onboarding experience. For example, you can take a picture of your workstation or team or share a photo of your completed training certificate. Each uploaded picture earns you 5000 points, so don’t forget to snap some shots!

Provide Feedback = 2000 points

Gamification Comes to Onboarding: Onboard360 gamification
You can submit feedback from the Feedback button in the bottom right.

Your feedback is valuable to us, and we want to reward you. Each time you provide feedback or complete a survey in the app, you earn 2000 points. So whether you’re sharing your thoughts on the onboarding process or giving us feedback on the app, we want to hear from you.

Bonus Points = 2000 points

Keep an eye out for bonus point opportunities. Occasionally, we may offer special challenges or tasks that earn you even more points. For example, we might ask you to complete a certain number of tasks in a specific timeframe or share a post on social media. These bonus point opportunities are a great way to boost your score and show off your onboarding prowess.

At Onboard360, gamification can help international schools and their new hires enjoy the onboarding process more. By adding game elements to our app, we hope to make onboarding more fun, efficient, and effective. We can’t wait to work with our clients to put these features into place and give them the best onboarding experience possible.

Consider All Your Onboarding Options

Now that you understand the importance of onboarding, you should take the time to consider how best to deliver it. Onboard360 was built from the ground up for international teacher onboarding.

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