Relationship Centered Virtual Onboarding Platform for International Schools

Out-Of-The-Box Solution

WOW! Factors

Relationship centered onboarding allows for schools and newcomers to mutually understand one another, creating a synergy of vision and skills to improve student achievement.  

  • Built with international schools in mind to unpack and capitalize on diverse backgrounds and situations.
  • Interpersonal communication – most onboarding experiences provide a passive, one-way experience.  O360 creates opportunities for mutual understanding and information sharing.  
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Guided Preparation

Our holistic program guides schools through the preparation and implementation of a quality onboarding experience.

Asynchronous Training Modules

School selected trainings that require employees to “pass” before advancing (child protection, workplace expectations, first aid, etc.)

Professional Administrative Dashboard

Provides real-time feedback on employee engagement and completion.

AI Enabled

Future-proof onboarding

Personalized Experiences

One-on-one experiences and stunning content that piques their interest before the first day.

Onboarding simplified

Say goodbye to emails or task lists. Improve your productivity by reducing the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks.

  • Scalable employee database
  • Streamlined case management for employees
  • Intuitive HR processes
  • Analytical insights
onboarding platform international teacher
Relationship Centered Virtual Onboarding onboard360

People powered

Research shows that organizational integration comes mainly through relationships. Onboard360 believes that helping schools also begins with our relationship with you.

  • Onboarding coach guided school inventory of materials and documents.
  • Expert recommendations on pacing and topics for meetings.
  • Embedded resources such as newcomer power points that we can customize for you.
  • Guidance on how included asynchronous training modules might be used.

Best in class performance management

Invest in your school’s new talent. Learn how each cohort performs, each person’s skills and potential, and how to improve the school’s performance.

  • Continuous reviews and performance appraisals
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Analytics to identify gaps
Best In class onboarding document collection.
onboarding platform international teacher

Rethink learning and growth

Onboard 360 gives you a powerful but simple way to manage and deliver employee learning. Our learning and development system provides engaging content and virtual training for teachers.

  • Comprehensive learning management system
  • Course assessments
  • Certificate generation
  • White-labelled courses

Optimize your time and build connections

Reduce the amount of time you spend emailing and following up with new hires. Onboard360 automates reminders and tasks so you can focus on increasing employee productivity.

  • Automated Document Delivery and Collection
  • Relocation Progress Reporting
  • Ai powered scheduler
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